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Life with color, safe for the future. Life with color, safe for the future.

Born in the ceramic city, to keep our tradition
in the ceramic city.

Kaneki Seito Co., Ltd. as a manufacture of ceramic tiles was founded in Tajimi, Gifu the place of ceramics in Japan. We produce ceramic tiles with our theme “Tiles in your place, tiles for your life”. Our tiles will colors your life with enomous choices of color and shapes.


Deliver the quality in the world

Sophisticated technological development, more diversified lifestyles ... Our living space is developing dramatically. Nowadays, we have enormous number of choices to built houses and towns. Also the quality of products is more important. Keeping in our mind the harmony between nature and the environment, we continue to promote unique system tiles that blend into various scenes, while pursuing efficiency during construction, continuity of maintenance and beauty.



Kaneki Seito Co., Ltd.
1222-2 Kasahara,Tajimi,
Gifu Pref. 507-0901 Japan
TEL +81-572-43-3121
FAX +81-572-44-2250
e-mail shoji@kaneki.co.jp